DJ Service

Lost In Music have many of their own custom-made compilation CDs which they play before, in-between and after their live sets. They're really very good. You wouldn't want to hear the latest chart compilation CD (it's probably mostly rap, metal & other music inappropriate for an event like yours), so they make their own compilation CDs with all great songs which people recognize and want to dance to (or eat dinner to, depending on when they're played), all mixed like a DJ so there are no embarrassing 5-second gaps between each song.

However, the Lost In Music CD player can't take requests, doesn't make announcements to the guests or give dedications, and it doesn't have much in the way of a visual presence or personality. So you might consider adding the DJ service.

Lost In Music can supply a top quality professional DJ. He turns up with an extensive collection of songs of all genres and is extremely knowledgeable about music, so has no problem at all taking requests. Crucially, he will also 'read' the audience and play songs which they will enjoy. For example, perhaps he'll play a 1970's disco track which the guests love. Well, he could probably follow that with another 1970's disco track, and it would give him a great idea of what other songs to play instead of guessing.

Because Lost In Music already have their own high quality PA system there, it is much less expensive to hire the DJ through them, than to hire one separately. There are not two lots of equipment clogging up the place untidily, and he'll also know what songs the band are playing, so won't play them himself.

Even if, heavens above, you decide not to have Lost In Music for your event....well, you can book the DJ through them anyway.